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GDPR seriously affects UK businesses from May 2018. Is your data secure?

Under the GDPR, penalties and fines for data breaches will be unprecedented. Most organisations are unaware of the location, volume and severity of documents containing or relating to Personal Identifiable Data (PID). DDC RiskView shines the torch on your data estate to reveal at-risk resources, allowing you to prevent breaches and contain the threats within your business.

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  • Applies to ALL businesses handling Personal Identifiable Data (PID).
  • Penalties for breaches are severe… Up to 4% of turnover or €20m, whichever is greater.
  • Critical data “leaks” through documents and email in all organisations, and poses a threat to regulatory compliance and business success.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) are necessary to prove that companies have considered the implications.


DDC RiskView assists the assessment and isolation of these issues before they become very expensive accidents. So, how exactly does DDC RiskView help to check your compliance risks?

DDC RiskView is comprised of two components.

‘Incision’ is used to undertake the data gathering process from your laptops, PCs and servers. You are able to define what exactly the tool will look at, this may be: emails, PDFs and Microsoft Office files to name but a few.

This gathered data is then scheduled to run though the 'Surgeon' analysis platform which generates;

  • GDPR, PCI and Security Assessment Reports
  • GDPR Dashboards – which provide deeper analysis and navigation through problematic documents.
  • The resulting outcomes will allow you to better understand your company's position in relation to the regulations, down to individual areas of concern. RiskView can be used for a small project or companywide depending on your requirements. DDC RiskView also has the capability for further analysis through the Investigate and Connection tools, which can provide critical insights into latent issues across your business.

    DDC Outsourcing Solutions (DDC OS) offers either licence purchase for self-assessment or access to appropriate personnel to work alongside you. This flexible model allows for companies to be assured of their data’s security, whilst providing options for the most relevant form of assessment. DDC OS are also able to offer access to expert advice on mitigation and correction strategies.


Locate unprotected Personal Identifiable Data (PID)

Identify sources of critical data leakage

A key component in achieving & maintaining GDPR Compliance

Identify Intellectual Property theft

Identify security threats in everyday system usage

Improve user accountability and compliance with internal rules

A detailed view of your company's data storage


The clock is ticking and GDPR becomes a bigger and scarier reality with each passing day. As specialists in handling data DDC OS recognised the importance of this upcoming regulation, creating DDC RiskView. To protect not only your company but also your clients, contact us and find out how to begin your journey to compliance.

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